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SaferUnionTM  is made in America and designed as a  hammerless alternative  with employee safety, peak rig  performance and mobility in mind. It is applicable in any  oilfield, mining, or refining operation/environment.

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Technical   Aspects

Sledge hammer swings cause fatigue and increase the risk of costly errors. SaferUnion’sTM nut is designed as a foolproof alternative that eliminates the need to swing a hammer and reduces the risk of hazardous situations and potential injury to your crew.


Repetitive sledge hammer use causes long term negative effects to your equipment and crew. SaferUnionTM kits foster a better work environment for everyone.


A pin inside a SaferUnionTM nut locks the SaferUnionTM Bar into place via the “J – Slot” in the end of the bar to prevent “fallout.”


SafeUnion’sTM bar and torque wrench are equipped with tie off hooks to allow the bar to be carried overhead.


The SaferUnionTM product line requires no metal to metal contact, which eradicates the risk of sparking thereby eliminating unnecessary danger to workers in an explosive environment.


Avoid the hazards of hammer-unions. The SaferUnionTM nut does not have wings, thereby removing the dangerous side-effects caused by mushrooming unions.  Such as: the chipping off of metal fragments which cause injury to personnel and hammer blows that glance off from deformed wings.


SaferUnionTM product line exponentially reduces the potential of bodily injury due to missed sledge hammer strikes, slippage of the handle, mashed hands/fingers, and debris that is caused by striking metal against metal.



SaferUnionTM nuts weigh less than hammer unions. The larger the SaferUnionTM  the more dramatic weight loss is.


SaferUnionTM nuts fit easily into the existing hammer-unions storage space. The SaferUnionTM nuts OD is the exact OD as conventional hammer union, thereby conforming to the existing storage space without the need for modification.


The SaferUnionTM nut is 100% interchangeable with existing American made hammer unions.


The SaferUnionTM nut boasts the same seal with the standard Industry threads & inner profile as the hammer union.


The SaferUnionTM  2” Fig 1502 nut was pressure tested to 50,000 psi.


The SaferUnionTM  2” Fig 1502 nut was pull tested with peak load of 100,400 lbs for 31 min.


The FEA on SaferUnionTM 2” Fig 1502 nut showed a pressure rating safety factor of 3 (45,000 psi). That was confirmed and exceeded with the 50,000 psi test.


Eight holes on the SaferUnionTM nut, located every 45 degrees, allows increased accessibility to loosen and tighten the connection with ease.


The SaferUnionTM bar is equipped with a tool located at the opposite end of the 4’ bar, which allows for easy operation of low torque valves.


The SaferUnionTM bar has a knurled surface providing an exceptional grip preventing unnecessary slippage.





SaferunionTM product line has full material traceability and are made with all American-made steel.


SaferUnionTM product line is manufactured at an API Q1 complaint manufacturing facility.


Batch testing is done on all castings.


Sledge hammer use causes nut cracking, damaged threads, and/or damaged unions. SaferUnionTM  product line eradicates this unnecessary damage.



Reduce LTI and recordable incidents by keeping your employees working. SaferUnionTM product line was designed with your employees in mind. Allow your employees to perform their tasks without fear of unnecessary injury. The largest number of insurance claims in the oilfield are caused by “loss runs”. SaferUnionTM product line will reduce this risk, saving you money.


Reduce your costs and multiply your profits by saving on costly expenses caused by replacing hammer unions.



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is a hammerless alternative

to the commonly used hammer union.

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is a hammerless alternative

to the commonly used hammer union.

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